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Jacket 2 — January 1998 — Contents page

John Ashbery feature

John Ashbery: R77-8

Photo of John Ashbery wearing a jacket: by John Tranter (R77-8)

  •  John Ashbery poem: The Burden of the Park
  •  Marjorie Perloff: Normalizing John Ashbery
  •  John Tranter: Interview with John Ashbery, April 1985: “I’ve never really cared for ‘Self-Portrait’ very much, and I must say I didn’t like it any more when I reread it. But I obviously had to put it in because people would expect it to be there.”
  •  John Tranter: Interview with John Ashbery, May 1988: “It seemed to me that my [first] book had fallen into a bottomless pit, and that I would never have another chance to publish another book of poems.”
  •  John Tranter: Three John Ashberys: An Introduction

Bob Perelman’s The Marginalization of Poetry

“The notable shifting between designations of period, movement, location and practice... again indicates Perelman’s desire to forestall or only partially engage the deictic complexities of classification and orientation by invoking both paratactic equivalence and the hypotactic narrative force of historical sequence.”

— Kate Lilley

… discussed by:

Steve Evans
Ann Lauterbach
Kate Lilley
Ron Silliman
Juliana Spahr

...with a counter-response by
Bob Perelman


Robert Adamson: The Flow Through: for the Johns

Lee Ann Brown: two poems

Tim Davis: Smart Poets Society

Denis Gallagher: A Cushion

Forrest Gander: Knife on a Plate

Michael Heller: two pieces

Lisa Jarnot: five prose pieces

S.K.Kelen: Fission

John Kinsella: Honest, Theocritus!

August Kleinzahler: Napping After Lunch

David Lehman: The Shield of a Greeting   

Jennifer Moxley: Æolian Harp

Eileen Myles: Milk

Peter Riley: three poems


Oriental gentleman

Kent Johnson / Akitoshi Nagahata letters: The Yasusada Affair — Hoax, deception, or work of art?

David Lehman: The Ern Malley Poetry Hoax (moved to Jacket 17)

Tony Lopez: Postmodern Poetry Conference, 30-31 March 1998, Plymouth UK

John Tranter: Lost Things in the Garden of Type

Eliot Weinberger: James Laughlin (1914–1997)

Eliot Weinberger: Letter from New York: Vomit

Photo of India Amos

India Amos

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