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Tim Wright

entourage (bar italia)

as the baby calls its defence lawyer the art student
considers the ice bath cure
and the vodka fist

at the friday night fire-in-a-drum
linen cupboard delirium
or was it
the tiramisu-admirers
at the glass perspicaciously

warming it with their garlic breath
on the way there for
tinned lychees

deduced a mill of dandruff kitchen-scuffed
five-cent escutcheon tally
ho a walking bildungsroman
along the compost-line for your
dance moves sub wanna be

shop windows

starting something
fell victim to a slot machine gotta be
chirping how it came to worse than
how it came to

a poised metal teaspoon broken airport design pre
world war one undrilled
on a white saucer award-winning

money won’t buy you a dropped ice cream
taster now a memento
mori no no wouldn’t last the final lick

Tim Wright; photo by Susan Schultz

Tim Wright
photo by Susan Schultz

Tim Wright currently resides in Melbourne’s northern suburbs; blogs erratically at
He co-edits the web zine ‘When Pressed’ —

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