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Note: After 1 July 2010, the search engine provided to Jacket by the Australian Government’s Culture Portal will cease to exist, as the Portal is to be closed down on that date as a government stupidity austerity measure. Instead, use Google or some other search engine of your choice. For example, if you wish to find articles by or about the poet Roy Fisher in Jacket magazine, type this into the search box:

"jacket magazine" "roy fisher"

… no, you don’t need to use red ink.

Until then, use this: Search all Jacket issues for a name, book title, word or phrase...
(very recent items may not return a result)

— The search ignores upper or lower case.
— To find a book title, just type the title without quotes. For example, to find a mention of the book Imagination Verses by Jennifer Moxley, just type

      imagination verses

into the search box. Words such as ‘and’ or ‘not’ do not work as Boolean operators; instead, they find phrases containing the words ‘and’ and ‘not’.

You can net some queer fish... Jacket contains 12 instances of the word ‘flounder’, 33 mentions of ‘urine’, and 25 references to ‘Elvis’.

And who would have thought a Google search would return over 5,130 pages from the Internet, each one of which contains all three words?

Search courtesy of the Australian Government’s Culture and Recreation Portal, site ref. 577.

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