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Lynne Hjelmgaard


Montale writes of his dear little insect Mosca.
How happy he sounds.

A baboon swings from the highest pole in the zoo and sings.

Even the woman who shakes her blanket from the window
next to the crematorium —

Laugh, a baboon.

When the wave washes over the house
the children become quiet and listen.

On the beach are old letters, history books, picture frames,
vases and paintings, your mother’s plate.

What to do with the wash, the salt, the sea, the dead fish?
Take me warmer, take me nearer you —

Janus as ending sees the urn buried in the snow.
Janus as beginning sees the milk

flow to little Mia and
watches her brother dance.

Lynne Hjelmgaard

Lynne Hjelmgaard

Lynne Hjelmgaard’s first collection Manhattan Sonnets was published with Redbeck Press in 2003. Her latest manuscript is titled ‘The Ring’. At present, Lynne is based in London and Copenhagen.

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