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Answers to Jacket # 4 Green Quiz

For readers of Jacket issue # 4 who may have attempted to identify the authors and the titles of the seven texts from which the following quotes have been taken, but for reasons of indolence, disinterest, sloth, palsy, delirium tremens or incompetence failed to do so, the answers are given here.


"But grim to see is the gallows-tree,
With its alder-bitten root,
And, green or dry, a man must die
Before it bears its fruit!"

Oscar Wilde
"The Ballad of Reading Gaol", 1898
Oscar Wilde

"There came a wind like a bugle;
It quivered through the grass,
And a green chill upon the heat
So ominous did pass
We barred the windows and the doors
As from an emerald ghost . . . "

Emily Dickinson
"poem XXVI" from Poems, Second Series, 1891

" . . . And such was he, and he looked to me
    like a man who lived in hell;
With a face most hair, and the dreary stare
    of a dog whose day is done,
As he watered the green stuff in his glass,
    and the drops fell one by one."

Robert W. Service, "The Shooting of Dan McGrew", 1907

"Colourless green ideas sleep furiously."

Noam Chomsky, Syntactic Structures, 1957

"Aye, the wood is some green
and some dry, the cherry thin of bark
cut in July."

Ed Dorn, "The Rick of Green Wood", 1956

"Green bench where in stormy paradise the white Irish girl sings to the guitar."

Arthur Rimbaud, "Brussels", July 1872, trans. Oliver Bernard, Penguin, p.223

"You remained for me a green Buick of sighs, o Gladstone!"

Frank O'Hara, "Second Avenue"  


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