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J A C K E T  # 6
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Douglas Rothschild
two poems

I'm going to see my friend
Barnaby Levy, the painter.
He's moving to LA & is throwing
everything away. & though i'd be
perfectly happy with "just a bunch
of letters," i don't think i'd be happy
just throwing things away.

Call to Prayer
"If there is a plan, perhaps this too
is part of the plan, as when the subway
turns on a switch, the wheels screeching
against the rails, & the lights go out;
but are on again in a moment."
          --Charles Reznikoff
If there is a plan. If there is not a plan.
It has worked out just as well at least
this is what you've expected to believe.
your waxy lips, adjust your hat, & try
to remember your name enough to put
it out of your head. Give you something
other to do than merely pursue a course
of results & the movement itself Byzan-
An elaborate, intricate mosque is beyond.
Only you instead insist on stepping back,
viewing the minaret, & remembering
the compassion of the muezzin's call to prayer.
An image of nothing than better signifiers
          confusing or absolute.
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