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The Ninth Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry
Friday 23th to Sunday 25th April, 1999
at Trinity College, Cambridge, England
All events open to the public. All events in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre or the Old Combination Room, Trinity College, Cambridge. Week-end tickets (£22), day-tickets or single event tickets (£4) will be available. Registration is not required. The conference is not residential.
Punting on the Cam
See the detailed timetable
at the end of this page.
Inquiries: Rod Mengham, Jesus College, Cambridge. fax: 01223 328959;
Kevin Nolan e-mail;
Peter Riley, 27 Sturton Street, Cambridge CB1 2QG, tel/fax: 01223 576422, email:
left: "Dreaming Squires" - punting on the River Cam at Cambridge, copyright © John Tranter, 1998, 1999
Poet Robert Adamson, photo John Tranter 
right: Australian poet Robert Adamson
photo copyright © John Tranter 1999
You can read John Kinsella's poem dedicated to Robert Adamson in this issue of Jacket
Poetical Histories No.46: MEANING by Robert Adamson; 12pp letterpress pamphlet on antique paper, cover drawing by Robert Duncan, limited edition of 200.
Price £4.00 sterling; Postage: UK £1, Europe £1.50. Transcontinental £2; available in USA from Small Press Distribution and in Australia from Paperbark Press; see Jacket's bookstores page.

T I M E T A B L E     All events in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre
except Friday evening and Sunday evening, which are in the Old Combination Room.
Friday evening 8pm Lee Harwood (UK) and reception, Old Combination Room
Saturday 11am, Michael Ayres (UK), Andy Johnson (UK), and Christian Prigent (Fr).
Saturday 2pm Ralph Hawkins (UK), Bob Walker:(UK).
Saturday 4pm Andrea Brady (USA), Lisa Robertson (Canada).
Saturday 8pm Robert Adamson (Australia), Oscarine Bosquet (Fr), Michael Palmer (USA).
Sunday 2pm Andres Ajens (Fr), Christophe Tarkos (Fr).
Sunday 4pm Simon Fell and IST: music with poetry
Sunday 7pm Michel Deguy (Fr), Erin Mouré (Canada), Old Combination Room

Note from Peter Riley: One of the most exciting and varied line-ups ever presented at the CCCP - major discoveries of both young and senior poets from somewhat "cloaked" areas like Canada and Australia, a whole phalanx of new French poets . . .
      As for the British, it's typical of us to have one of the greats of the old guard along with two or three others hardly published at all. CCCP stands ahead of everything.

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